Redefining Fitness,

Let's kick diet culture out of the gym

I’m Stacy Kim and I’m on a mission to support spaces that focus on how movement makes us feel, not how we look, promoting a body-neutral approach that values diversity and the joy of movement.

I wanted to create fitness spaces where what mattered was how good moving made you feel, not how you looked. I started with two locations of my gym, KUMA, and I realized the vision was bigger than that. It’s about transforming the fitness industry from the inside out.

My mission is now dedicated to supporting gym owners and fitness professionals in cultivating environments that prioritize how movement makes us feel over how we look. 

As we unite in this mission, we have the opportunity to impact more lives positively, offering spaces where everyone feels welcome and empowered.

What I believe in

A collection of points I make every decision from

Be Positive
Our words and actions, as people and as community leaders, can have a great impact. We have a responsibility to lead with positive words and actions so that our success will bring lifelong success to the people around us.

Fitness doesn’t have to suck
Fitness should be a celebration, not a chore. Let’s shift the narrative from punishment to empowerment, finding joy in every movement and creating a path to lifelong wellness that truly uplifts us.

Ditch diets
In a world obsessed with calorie counting and restrictive eating, it’s time to liberate ourselves from the diet mentality. Diets suck and they don’t work so we need to stop asking people to try them.

Find opportunities to empower others
Empowerment is not just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to lifting each other up. By creating spaces where people feel seen, heard, and capable, we ignite a powerful chain reaction of growth, confidence, and community.

Every body is the right body
Rejecting narrow beauty ideals, we embrace body positivity, paving the way for a world where all are accepted and celebrated for who they truly are.

Support (and accept) everyone
Be open to learning and laughing with people who are not like you. We all deserve respect, kindness, and appreciation.

Foster Inclusive Spaces
Create environments that are welcoming, non-intimidating, and safe, where positivity thrives and negativity is left at the door. Our spaces are about inclusivity and support, inviting everyone to share in the journey of wellness without judgment.

Amplify Impact with Innovation
Harness innovation to amplify our impact, making wellness more accessible and empowering. Through smart, efficient strategies, we’re not just reaching further; we’re connecting deeper, ensuring everyone can share in the power of our mission.

Lead with Empathy
Lead every interaction with empathy, creating connections that go beyond the surface. By understanding and valuing each individual’s journey, we foster a culture of support and transformation that empowers everyone to realize their potential.

Feel Strong Brands

Team up with me to elevate your body-neutral mission through marketing tailored to connect deeply with your community, spotlighting your commitment to inclusive fitness.

Body-Neutral Directory

Explore (or add yourself) our curated directory of fitness spaces and professionals who embrace and promote a body-neutral, inclusive approach to wellness and movement.

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