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75% women don’t feel comfortable going to the gym.
The fitness industry has women convinced that exercise is designed for weightloss and beauty. That just doesn’t fly anymore. Movement is a way for women to feel empowered and strong. Working together, we can move the needle and start to redefine the meaning of “fitness” for women.

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Coach Stacy

A bit about myself

Hi, I’m Coach Stacy! I’ve been training and teaching martial arts and movement for 15 years and nothing is more amazing than seeing a woman feel more confident and powerful.

I see the weaknesses in the fitness industry and how we serve women. The industry has defined fitness as a means for beauty and weight loss and we’ve lost the joy of movement. 

I believe we can redefine what fitness means for women, stop objectifying our bodies, and instead focus on moving to feel strong and empowered in our lives. 

The fitness industry has conditioned us to focus on losing weight as a primary goal for exercise. As a result, women have slipped into a negative cycle of dieting and workouts. Our motivation comes from external sources and we find it hard to be consistent and find joy in the movements.

- Coach Stacy

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