Old guys don’t always know best

When you’re searching for validation and guidance for your new life, you’ll easily run into people telling you to consult with someone. Yes! You should reach out but make sure it’s someone who is going to be in your corner and let you lead with your passion and dreams.

What you don’t need is some old guy, who is retired from his career, telling you to be careful and go slowly.

That’s what happened to me and I ignored him.

I scheduled a meeting with SCORE (which is a pretty cool resource in general) and was paired up with an old guy who had owned a couple of businesses in town. I don’t remember his name so I’ll call him “Frank”.

I came to Frank looking for advice and to hear his story on how he made the leap into his business. He was very nice and practical. I am not sure what quantum leaps he took but I had a feeling he made it to ownership with some old fashioned methods of starting from the bottom and moving to the top.

I told him about how I had sold my house and I wanted to start my own martial arts school for kids.

His advice was this: You should start small. Get a job and then teach a few classes here and there on the side. You don’t want to invest all of your money at once, that’s a big gamble and you could lose it all.

What!? This goes against everything I believed. I was ready, I had the money, I had the drive and determination, and I had myself to believe in.

I ignored Frank. Completely. I did the exact opposite. Some days, I think about finding him and telling him my story so he can stop giving that advice to other people.

If you know you’re ready, don’t wait and don’t move slowly. You’ll just end up splitting your energy

Written By
Stacy Kim

Stacy Kim

Stacy Kim, the founder of KUMA Fit (a women’s kickboxing & fitness studio in Saco, Maine) and Stacy Kim Coaching, has dedicated her life to teaching. She has taught over 10,000 classes and has trained in martial arts and fitness for over 15 years. Today, her mission is to redefine what fitness means for women, to stop objectifying the body, and focus on moving to feel strong.

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