What’s your badass?

You are a badass! I’m sure of it.

When I say badass woman, we all picture something a little different and we may also picture something from the movies. Whatever the media has deemed “badass”.

I’m grateful for the changes we have pushed for and that the media has started to become so vast and varied (anyone can become an author) we can see more representations of ourselves. It’s beautiful.

So, let’s reinvent the badass. I know you’re one.

What’s something you do really well? And get creative. It doesn’t take you effort and it’s something you have put some time into. It can be big, it can be small.

Maybe you can tie a knot in a cherry in under 5 seconds. Maybe you can knit a scarf in a day. Maybe you can sit in mediation for 1 hour. Maybe you can run a successful business on your own.

It really doesn’t matter. There is so much badass in this world and I want you to stop and recognize it. You are a badass.

It never looks the same. But it’s there, the everyday badass. And I hope you can find her, and let her out to share with the rest of the world.

What’s your everyday badass?

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