Mini-Course: Understanding Women & Fitness

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About Course

Understanding Women & Fitness

Fitness for women is very different than fitness for men—or so we’ve been told. Generally speaking, the fitness industry guides women into the gym to change her body. Women haven’t been told enough to focus on how movement FEELS rather than how it will change your body (as if there is something wrong with her body to begin with). Fitness for her is NOT for you—it’s to remind her how powerful she is and how strong and balanced movement can make you FEEL.

Women are not like a man joining a gym. Women come from a much more complicated set of recurring messaging and you need to understand the dynamics of her perception. Ideally, we will shift the landscape so fewer and fewer women enter the fitness space with this mindset, but we’re not there yet so this is our way of creating that change for those women, now.

In this course, we will cover basic perceptions women have of fitness, how her mindset is different, and how to help her feel more comfortable on day one.

This course might be for you if you…

  • Teach women movement (or anything really)
  • Need a better understanding of how to communicate with your members
  • Crrently instruct women and want to improve your skills at making her feel more comfortable
  • Want to inspire other women and help them to love and appreciate fitness

We have 4 modules to complete this mini-training:

  • Understanding HER
  • She is not YOU
  • Comfortable on day one
  • Empowering through words
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Course Content


  • Understanding Her
  • She is not YOU
  • Comfortable on day ONE
  • Empowering through words
  • Homework: Use your words

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