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Coach Stacy was quickly able to help me identify what my goals and obstacles were in a non-judgmental and motivating way. She kept the steps I needed to take clear, concise, and achievable—while helping me to figure out why I was so stuck.

ElizabethYoung Adult Counselor

I signed up for Stacy's program on day when I felt "done" with how my work life was going. After carefully listening to my experiences, Stacy honed in on exactly what the issue was. It blew my mind how right she was; I could finally put a name to why I was so unhappy — and most importantly that it wasn't my fault. I whole heartedly recommend working with Coach Stacy. Invest in yourself.


I signed up for coaching with Stacy because I needed clarity around which one of my projects required more focus. During our sessions, we unpacked mindset limitations and ultimately decided on a project that needed the most attention to move me towards my business goals. I highly recommend working with Stacy!"

AmandaBusiness Owner & Writer