Meet Stacy

I believe we can change fitness for women

With years of hands-on experience running a women’s-only gym, I’ve developed a keen understanding of what makes a business truly resonate. At the core of my philosophy is the belief in creating spaces that are instantly welcoming, embracing the intrinsic benefits of movement rather than reducing it to just ‘fitness.’ I’ve honed my skills to build environments that put community front and center—spaces where every member feels at home from their very first step inside.

I’m driven by a commitment to integrity and a mission that speaks from the heart. As a resource for gym owners and small business leaders, I offer insights that reflect both a business acumen and a steadfast dedication to positive change. If you’re looking to create an environment that’s profitable yet deeply attuned to your members’ well-being, let’s connect. We have important work to do, and it all starts here.

We are overdue for a change. The fitness industry has misused marketing and embedded a false belief that fitness is an activity you do as a punishment for eating too much or just a means to chase down the “perfect body”. The change, to invite women to find the joy in movement again, will begin with gym owners and trainers who shed the bullshit and lean into the intrinsic benefits of moving your body.

Are you with me?


A series of missions that drive me

Lead with positivity
Our words and actions, as people and as community leaders, can have a great impact. We have a responsibility to lead with positive words and actions so that our success will bring lifelong success to the people around us.

Fitness doesn’t have to suck
This is hard to imagine for some people because many women have had traumatic experiences with fitness. It’s been a punishment for eating too much. Let’s find the joy in movement for a lifelong love of fitness.

Every woman is a badass
We put everyone else first. We live with schedules, expectations, and responsibilities that others can’t image. And, we do it with grace. Women are the reason there is greatness in this world.

Ditch diets
Having an opportunity to be lead to a challenge, and then overcoming that challenge is a sure way to build confidence and happiness.

Find opportunities to empower women
Having an opportunity to be lead to a challenge, and then overcoming that challenge is a sure way to build confidence and happiness.

Every body is the right body
Having an opportunity to be lead to a challenge, and then overcoming that challenge is a sure way to build confidence and happiness.

Support (and accept) everyone
Be open to learning and laughing with people who are not like you. We all deserve respect, kindness, and appreciation.

Do your research
There is a lot of information out there about anything and everything. When you are trying to find answers, look for both sides of the coin and avoid just searching for the answers to prove what you think is true.

Celebrate new standards of beauty
Just as diets have ruined fitness, so have beauty standards. Take the time to notice all the different forms of beauty and appreciate it.

Look for happiness today
If you keep aiming for happiness you’ll never have the happiness you have today. Be grateful and enjoy life…today!

Connect with my other projects

Feel Strong Movement

We are creating spaces for women to train comfortably and safely so they can feel empowered and strong instead of judged and shamed. All gyms and trainers have committed to helping you feel comfortable with fitness again.

Refine Fitness for women

A podcast to discuss why we need to redefine fitness for women and how. Each episode will explore topics related to better coaching and programming, how to make women more comfortable in your gym, how to ditch diet culture, and more.


KUMA Fit is a boutique kickboxing and fitness studio for women in southern Maine. KUMA believes that every woman should have a safe, positive, and supportive place to workout and feel strong.

Kickbox HIIT

This full system is a proven method to building a successful women’s kickboxing program or business by creating a safe and inviting space for all women to train.