Redefine Fitness
for Women
Over 75% of women don’t go to the gym because they are afraid of being judged for how they look or perform. Join our mission to help redefine fitness for women and make your gym, programs, and classes comfortable for everyone.

The mission

Joyful movement

Health is NOT a size

End diet-culture

No scales or measurements



75% women don’t feel comfortable going to the gym. The fitness industry has women convinced that the purpose of exercise is to change their physical appearance. That just doesn’t fly anymore. Movement is a way for women to feel empowered and strong. Working together, we can move the needle and start to redefine the meaning of “fitness” for women.

The redefine fitness program will help gyms to:

  • Ditch diet culture and the anti-fat bias and instead focus on body neutrality and body-size inclusivity. 
  • Focus on the joy of movement and its intrinsic benefits by adjusting programming and class offerings.
  • Develop performance goals as a measurement of success
  • Adjust environmental cues such as scales, mirrors, seating etc.
  • Train coaches to use inclusive, positive, and supporting language with a focus on progressive movements versus modifications.
  • Create effective marketing that will invite women to find the joy of movement in a safe and welcoming space
  • Improve lead communication to best prepare women to walk into the gym feeling comfortable and confident on day one.
  • Build an online presence that helps to redefine fitness for women as a joyful and intuitive journey